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  • December 24, 2022

My forex funds, Foreign exchange trading, otherwise known as forex or forex trading, has gained wide popularity among ordinary people due to the growth of brokerage firms and the development of electronic trading platform technology.

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With high liquidity, continuous working hours of up to 5 days a week, and great opportunities, it is not surprising that the forex market is the largest global trading market with a trading volume exceeding $5 trillion per day.

Forex trading is one of the attractive and enjoyable things, especially for the retail trader, and despite all these advantages that the market enjoys, the risk rate is very high and may make you lose all your money, so it is advised to trade the money that you can afford to lose.

What is forex trading?

Basic concept

When you trade forex, you are buying one currency against another, so the forex trader is speculating on a currency pair and not just one currency itself.

Currencies are traded in the forex market in pairs such as the pound sterling against the US dollar, the US dollar against the euro, with the aim of making profits through price differences.

Currency prices in the forex market are determined based on the rate of supply and demand, while the price difference between them is known as the “spread”.

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The most popular currency pairs in the forex world

  • The euro / US dollar is indicated by the symbol (USD / EUR).
  • The pound sterling / US dollar is indicated by the symbol (USD / GBP).
  • US dollar / Japanese yen and referred to as (JPY / USD).
  • Euro / Japanese Yen and referred to as (JPY / EUR).
  • Australian dollar / US dollar and referred to as (USD / AUD).
  • The New Zealand dollar / US dollar is indicated by the symbol (USD / NZD).
  • Canadian dollar / US dollar and symbolized by (USD / CAD).

Trade forex with AvaTrade, and enjoy competitive spreads and a trading environment with a globally licensed and award-winning broker.

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Information about forex market

The forex market has many a very large group of currencies in the world, and foreign currencies in the market are divided into:

Major currencies, secondary currencies and western pairs, and the major pairs include 7 more common pairs that were mentioned above, while in the secondary pairs the major currencies are traded among Between them except for the US dollar, as for the western pairs, it has one major currency and one secondary currency such as USDNOK and EURTRY.

The trading price of a currency pair is the value of the quoted currency that you can buy for one unit of the base currency.

Let’s take for example the currency pair EURUSD, when you buy this currency pair, it means that you are buying the euro using (selling) the US dollar.

When you sell a currency pair, it means that you are buying US dollars by using (selling) the Euro.

Forex rates

Currency pairs are shown as prices that reflect the ratio between the values of a currency pair.

For example, the buying rate of the British pound against the US dollar is 1.50514, so that every 1 British pound equals 1.50514 US dollars.

Forex currency pairs groups

Forex currency pairs are divided into three main groups – major currency pairs, minor currency pairs and non-traded currency pairs.

The main difference between the pairs is their liquidity which is caused by the trading volume of these currency pairs.

Example: the major currency pairs are the most traded currency pairs, and each pair includes the US dollar and another currency, while the minor currency pairs include one of the three currencies that do not include the US dollar (the euro, the British pound, and the Japanese yen).

To learn more about forex trading or anything related to forex investment, we recommend that you visit the educational section, as there you can find terminology, trading video tutorials and webinars.

International regulation

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Competitive spreads when trading foreign currencies

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Excellent trading conditions

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Multiple forex platforms

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Forex trading resources

AvaTrade offers high-quality educational materials and daily market analysis, as the company gives traders access to a comprehensive library of educational resources such as e-books, as well as easy-to-use trading tools such as the economic calendar, automated trading, and the Dupli Trade and Zulu Trade systems.

Outstanding customer service

Customer comfort with Ava Trade is one of the most important things that the company cares about in the first place. As we provide customer service in your language, you can also use it through our website on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, in order to get all the news related to the market.