Forex with insurance In the Best Way …

Forex trading is an extremely profitable way to earn money, but also one of the most risky. Trading is like an extreme sport — even if you are a professional, there is always an element of risk. For example, when a surfer gets on his board to catch a wave, he is confident of his abilities, but there is no guarantee that he will not fall. The same thing happens when you find yourself in front of your computer screen and start trading. Will you always be able to remain on the crest of the wave?

Fortunately, now everyone has the opportunity to insure their deposit.

FBS experts note that insurance of funds is useful to all — those who have been actively trading for some time now as well asthose who recently joined the market and are going to try their hand at trading. For beginners, it is necessary to feel the inspiring confidence and for experienced traders to increase the volume of trade or to test a new strategy. But most importantly,theinsurance will help to increase profits. After all, you do not lose a cent.

However, in real life, this kind of service always costs money. No matter what you are insuring – whether it is your house, car or any other property – you must regularly pay a considerable sum. The question that arises is how much to pay for insurance of funds on forex. Incredibly, the answer is nothing — registration of insurance comes absolutely free.
Typically, such services involve a huge number of restrictions, but insurance with FBS has no such pitfalls. Clients themselves choose how much to insure and how to trade on their account(s). The only condition is activity, but this goes without saying. As a result, working with insured funds is both beneficial and pleasant.

Forex is a great way to obtain unlimited income. If earlier traders were stopped by the many potential risks, the highly competitive brokerage firms have become very reliable and provide services of the highest level. In addition, there is always a rangeof additional services and programs aimed at preserving profit.

August 11, 2015: Free insurance against losses when trading with currencies and metals? An impossible dream for a trader. But experts at FBS brokerage company insist that it is possible. Forex has never been so advantageous and profitable.

July 26, 2022: Our Website Books forextrader About Impossible things for daily forex trading . Most novice day traders have a big annoying thing: the fake breakout. It looks like a stock, Forex or futures contract is ready to move in one direction after the breakout, then they jump, and then the price quickly gets back on track, stopping them or putting them in a losing position. Frustrating and expensive! 

Secrets of risk-free trading

Trading without losses is not a dream but a reality accessible to all traders. The secret lies in the right choice of three important components: a reliable broker, comfortable and favourable terms of trade and special offers, protecting against risks.

Let’s start with the first: you should be guided by a company, which is regulated by an independent organisation and relies on the interests of clients. In addition, the broker should be well known and successfully operating for several years.

The second component: a large variety of account types is important for comfortable trade. If you are just starting your career in forex, a cent account may be the best choice for you. If you have experience and want security, it would be ideal for you to choose an account with fixed spread. Also, do not forget to check other important components of a broker’s company for profitable trade, such as market order execution and no ban on any trading advisors and strategies.

Finally, the third: choose a broker company which has offers to reduce trading risks. One very popular choice is no deposit bonuses. In this case, even beginners risk nothing. FBS offers a no deposit bonus of $5 that is available on Cent Accounts. For traders that operate with larger sums, FBS provides 100% bonus on deposit(s), which may also be used for insurance.

How to receive the maximum profit

We have discussed and addressed all the possibilities that will ensure safe trading. But the most important of them all is insurance.

After all, what gives the confidence to acrobats or mountain climbers? Why do they do everything with such virtuosity and so successfully? Insurance! How about motorists, tourists and creditors? Also insurance! Safety is a must. Cases of failure are rare,but it is reliability and safety that provides the opportunity to act without fear or doubt, and therefore is more successful.
Insuring funds is the most reliable way to protect your deposits against losses.
You may open an account and trade with no risk .

4 insurance covers you can get on your forex card while travelling abroad

1. Lost card liability insurance cover
This coverage is against counterfeit/skimming/phishing/online transactions and loss of forex card. The insurance cover is generally between Rs 1.5 lakh and Rs 2 lakh. Frauds or thefts happening at ATMs abroad are also covered, however, one needs to check whether ATM withdrawal in case of the lost or stolen card is covered under the policy.

2. Personal air accident cover
If you die in an aircraft accident on a schedule airline’s (i.e., regular domestic or international air carriers), as defined under the policy terms and conditions, the nominee will get the insurance claim. Insurance benefit is available to holders of those forex cards that provide this facility. Also, even if you have multiple forex cards, the personal air accident claim would be payable on only one card.

3. Airplane hijacking
If you are travelling abroad via an international airline and the flight gets hijacked, then in such a situation, you can claim for compensation using the insurance on the forex card. However, the insurer will only compensate if you have not been released before 12 hours by the hijackers.

4. Delay in receipt of checked baggage
You will also get reimbursement for the expenses incurred for emergency purchase of basic essenti ..